Kati FM Cheras

999.02 FM


This is an internet radio station based in Cheras. It broadcasts information, entertainment, music and much more. Some of its most popular programmes are Segmen Boh Sajer, Pop & Rock Jiwang and Zikir Terapi.


Kuasa Alunan, Teknologi Interaktif

Main Programs
  • Negaraku & Lagu2 Patriotik
  • Segmen Boh Sajer..!
  • Pop & Rock Jiwang
  • Lagu² Halua Tengahari
  • Autorun Lagu² Pop 60an
  • Zikir Terapi
  • Permintaan & Pilihan Lagu² Nasyid
  • Lagu² Permintaan & Pilihan
Radio Kati FM, 1471, Jalan 1/3, Kampung Bukit Tangki Air, Cheras, Malaysia
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